Maison J. Charpentier

The Charpentiers have been winemakers since 1920 when Pierre Charpentier began growing grapes. Back in the day most winemakers in the Champagne region sold the grapes they produced to negotiants, or the big Maison.
It was Pierre’s son, Marcellin, who first produced Charpentier Champagne in 1954. Four years later, Marcellin died suddenly and his wife, Solange, was left to run the business while rearing three children. One of her sons, Jacky began making wine at the age of 11, showing prodigious ability.
Over the next few years, through hard work, diligence and passion, Jacky Charpentier, the J in the J. Charpentier brand, managed to save, and indeed improve, the family business, achieving the recognition and respect that is now associated with the J.Charpentier label.
The work in the vines, across all plots in all the different villages, is mainly manual, with a special focus on the environment and the quality of the harvest. This Maison holds a certificate of High Environmental Value.
Winery Size:
15 hectares
Villers sous Châtillon, Vallée de la Marne

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