Regular Tastings

wine is better shared with friends and what a better way to have fun and make new friends than a Geneva Wine Society tasting! Each tasting has a special theme: from cheese and wine pairings to diving deep into a region’s wine and food culture. There is always something new and exciting to learn and they are open to everybody who enjoys wine whatever their wine knowledge level.

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Private Wine Tastings

A wine tasting party is an original way to entertain at home and a good opportunity to bring friends and family together for social events. They are fun and informative. Everyone learns something new and has a great time too.
They can be organised for groups of 5 people or more and are a great way to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries as well as other special occasions. Sometimes it’s just a good reason to have a fun girls night in!

There are many themed wines tastings to choose from. Some of my most popular are the Introduction to Wine Tasting, the Champagne & Sparkling Wine Tasting, the Cheese & Wine Tasting, and Chocolate & Wine Tasting.

Contact me for more ideas and to create a personalised, bespoke wine tasting for your guests.

Champagne & Sparkling Wine Tasting

If you love bubbles this is the perfect tasting for you! An absolutely fabulous tasting of Champagnes and top quality sparkling wines from around the world. Find out what the difference is between Champagne and the rest of sparkling wines. Can you distinguish the different styles? We will taste 6 sparkling wines, including Champagne, and enjoy them paired with cheese.

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Corporate Clients

If you are looking for a team activity to organise in your company or looking for ways to entertain clients over diner contact me to design a bespoke, themed wine tasting experience that will suit your every requirement.


If you are Looking to increase your exposure in the Swiss expat community I can help you by creating a bespoke event to promote your business or introducing you to your target market. I have an excellent and extensive network of expats and diplomats, an excellent knowledge of the market and I can help you attract the right customers and create a suitable event for your needs.

Online Wine Tastings

If you are young parent and in desperate need of a fun, relaxing night away from your precious but want to save on the expensive babysitting fees, or live a little too far from Geneva but still want to experience top quality wines you can join one of my regular online wine tastings (ισως ενα link εδω που να στελνει στην σελιδα των events) . They are very interactive and lots of fun. If you’re self isolating because of Covid-19 on your own or with a friend or partner it’s a great excuse to share a glass with them and others.

I’ve teamed up with wine shops, wine merchants and wine makers from all over Switzerland to bring you the best quality wines from around the world. The wines are delivered to your door and we do the tasting online via Zoom. Each tasting has a theme and you will receive a lot of interesting information about the wines, wine makers and regions as well as a placemat and a wine tasting guide.

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