Champagne Glasses with Bubbles

Our concept is simple. 

We have identified some of the best independent “grower-producer” Maison that are equal in quality and often surpass that of the big commercial houses. 

Every 3 months we choose one of them and send you a box of 6 of their masterpieces so that you can discover their whole range of wines at an unbeatable price!

There is no obligation to buy the box every three months but if you decide to do it we will send you a FREE magnum bottle of Champagne, or two standard bottles to celebrate! 

There is no obligation to pay for all 4 boxes now. We will send you an invoice every 3 months together with your box. Delivery is FREE for all Switzerland!

There is so much amazing Champagne out there to discover so why stick to the same commercial and overpriced supermarket Champagne?