Muses Estate

Muses Estate is located in the village of Askri, at the mouth of the Valley of the Muses near Thebes and at an altitude of 500 metres. Most of the vines are 20 to 50 years old. The winery was founded on the slopes of Mount Helicon in 1946 by Nikolaos Zaharias. At that time, in a village of about 1.500 inhabitants, 7 winemaking units were in operation. In 1967, his son, Athanasios Zaharias, entered the family business and gave it a new impulse by implementing dynamic and forward-looking ideas. With his contribution, the small artisanal winery was gradually transformed into a modern winemaking unit. In 2005, the year when “Muses Estate” was created, it was time for Nikos, Stelios and Panayiotis, the third generation, to take their place in the family business. Their skills, scientific knowledge and youthful ideas combined with the family tradition and experience helped Muses Estate to make a step further into the 21st century.


Their “star variety” is Mouchtaro which is found exclusively in the Valley of the Muses. The grape variety would not have continued to exist if the family had not saved the last 2 hectares of Mouchtaro. Mouchtaro is the favourite of sommeliers, as it is not only a rare grape variety, but also has a complex  aromatic character composed of fruity, vegetal and botanical aromas. There is also a lot of emphasis on sustainable work in the vineyard, which is also noticeable in the wine


Winery Size:
10 Hectares
Thebes, Central Greece

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