Moschopolis Winery

Thessaloniki – Central Macedonia, 11 hectares – organic viticulture

George Germanis of Moschopolis Winery is one of the most experienced and respected vineyards and soil scientists in Greece. In 2016, having already left his mark in the development of viticulture and winemaking in many wine-growing regions of Greece, he decided to establish his own winery together with his son-in-law Dimitris and his children Aliki and Theodoris. They chose the best sites around Thessaloniki and Kastoria and since then they have been creating wines from original blends with unique styles, unbeatable quality, and concentration.

Their winemaking philosophy is the production of wines that express the special characteristics of their terroir through minimal but crucial intervention, the use of indigenous yeasts, and bottling without filtering. All vineyards are sustainably managed and they have implemented many innovative farming techniques, such as hanging grapes at a height of 1.8m above ground and under the permanent cover of the foliage to protect them from the sun and high temperatures and to achieve maximum ventilation thus avoiding fungal diseases and minimizing the use of fungicides.  

Winery Size:
11 hectares

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Age Verification

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