Chatzivaritis Estate

It all started with love back in 1981 when Vangelis Hadjivarytis met his future wife Olga. She was from Goumenissa, a place with a great wine tradition and he moved there to be with her. Being a wine lover himself he began making his own wine to enjoy with good friends and relatives. In 1994 he planted his first vineyard. His emphasis was on the quality of the grapes , the fertility of the soil and the protection of the environment that’s why he chose to be organic from the very first moment.  Gradually he expanded the property and in 2007 , a “boutique” winery was built in the vineyard located in the area of Filyria. In 2017, Vangelis and Olga’s daughter – Chloe – decided to return to Greece after studying oenology in France and Portugal and having worked in various wineries in France, New Zealand, Argentina and Chile. Returning, she brought with her her passion and experience for mild intervention wines and immediately started making a new range of wines without interventions and experimenting with new vinification techniques such as petnat (pétillant naturel – natural sparkling) and carbonic maceration.


Winery Size:
18 Hectares
Goumenissa, Central Macedonia

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