Blend your own wine

A unique, hands-on experience that will take you behind the scenes of winemaking and unlock your creativity. Under the guidance of one of Genevas most celebrated winemakers you will taste 3 to 5 different varietal wines, learn about them and create your own wine blend. We will give you everything you need to mix and perfect your masterpiece, bottle it and take it home to share with your friends and family.

Winery visits and Hiking through the vineyards in Geneva or Lavaux with winery visits

A unique and truly enjoyable experience for your staff outing.  Our tours are friendly, informative and fun! Our experienced guides will lead you through the beautiful vineyards of Lavaux and Geneva and take you to wineries along the route where you will get to meet the winemaker and taste the wines together!

Wine, Spirits & Beer Tastings

Our wine, spirits and beer tasting events are especially designed to bring your team together, foster collaboration, and create networking opportunities. They will impress existing clients and drive in new business.  They are fully customizable to appeal to both novice and seasoned drinkers. Our goal is to make everyone feel included and a valuable part of the team.

Wine Tasting – We have carefully curated many tasting themes that are designed to appeal to both novices and experienced tasters and suit most budgets. Choose your favorite among them, or tell us your preference and we will source a range of 3 to 6 wines that will leave everyone on your team satisfied. From Champagne and Sparkling Wines to Natural & Biodynamic Wines our wine tasting experiences are always highly interactive, and educational but also good fun. They are very flexible and can be organized in an in-person, virtual, or hybrid format in your office or at another location.

Gin Tasting – A tasting of gins from around the world that will take you through its history and different styles. We will play a fun gin trivia game in teams, talk about the most famous cocktails made with gin and make two of those cocktails together. Also available in virtual and hybrid formats.

Rum – A tasting of gins from around the world that will take you through its history and different styles. We will play a fun gin trivia game in teams, talk about the most famous cocktails made with gin and make two of those cocktails together. Also available in virtual and hybrid formats.

Whiskey Tasting – A virtual journey across distilleries, regions, and flavours where we will taste 5 different whiskies from around the world, talk about their history, how they are made, and learn some curious and quirky facts through a fun team trivia game. Also available in virtual and hybrid formats.

Beer Tastings – If you ever wondered what’s the difference between an IPA, a wheat beer and a Porter this is your chance to find out while enjoying a tasty selection of 4 or 6 craft beers made by a boutique Swiss brewery. During the tasting we will play a fun trivia game, talk about the history of beer, the different methods they are brewed and how to pair them with food. This is a very fun and interactive tasting which is available in in person, virtual and hybrid format

Wine & Food Pairing ExperiencesGood food and good wine go hand in hand and when they are appropriately paired they enhance each other’s flavors offering us great pleasure. But successfully pairing a wine with a specific food can be frustrating sometimes. In this immensely satisfying wine tasting experience, we unravel the mysteries of food & wine pairing while we enjoy mouthwatering combinations specially prepared by our chef & sommelier. This is a guided food and wine pairing experience that your guests will savor, enjoy and remember for a long time!

Chefs Table Experience – A dinner hosted in some of Geneva’s most talked about restaurants where we will pair each course with an extraordinary wine. You can choose wines from your favourite wines region, or let us do the selection and pairing for you with rare wines from classified Bordeaux Chateaux or some very hard to find aged wine from some of Switzerland’s most distinguished winemakers. The chef and the sommelier will present each course and explain why the specific wine was chosen to accompany them.

Vineyard Experience*A leisurely stroll around the vineyards of some of Geneva’s most celebrated winemakers. You will be guided by our sommelier and the winemaker who will explain to you the importance of their “terroir” and their wine-making philosophy. In this very interactive experience, we will learn about some of the techniques used in the vineyards like pruning and canopy management as well as how wine is made in the winery from crushing the grapes to bottling the wine. We will finish with a tasting of some of the selected winery’s greatest wines. Vineyard experiences can be organized for other Swiss and international wine regions.
*subject to the winemaker’s availability and the season
Online tastings for Coaches and Online Educators – Why celebrate the end of your coaching session or education circle with an online or in-person tasting for your clients?
Corporate Gift boxes – Show you appreciation to your clients or employees with our elegant wine gift boxes. Whether it’s a thank-you basket for a favourite client, or a token of gratitude for a job well done, let them know you were thinking of them with our superior selection of wine and champagne gifts, craft beer, and premium spirits. Regardless of budget, we’ll build a corporate wine gift solution that meets your professional needs.

Age Verification

To purchase from this website, you must be over the age of 18 years for distilled beverages and over the age of 16 years for fermented beverages